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Early Segment

I know this is too early but I just wanted to say how awesome it is to go on your website the day after you post, and go from 0 visits to 5! Thank you for the continued support, have a nice day!

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Hey everyone!

Hello everybody, hope your having a good day. Just wanted to announce that is currently under construction (if you couldn't already tell) with Podcreative! They've been awesome so far, so why don't you go give them some love  See you next...

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Busking for Charity

I am kicking off my Busking for Charity Campaign today. I am donating 100% of all the proceeds I collect to The Comox Valley Child Development Assosiation Telethon on November 5th after my performance. You can find me at the Superstore on Ryan road both Saturday and...

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Ryks started his own campaign of "Busking for Charity." He spent many, many hours over a six week period, singing and playing his heart out on the streets to raise money for the Comox Valley Child Development Telethon. After Ryks's performance on their telethon, he...

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About Me

Ryks started busking in 2016 and currently holds licences in both Courtenay and Comox. His passion is music. He loves performing whether it be on the street or on a stage.

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