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Canada Day 2018

Hey guys! Tomorrow I'll be playing at the Kin club pancake breakfast 9:00-10:00 at 5th and England street courtenay for their Canada day event! See you there! 

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Teen Tycoon Challenge

I just wanted to thank everyone that came to the teen tycoon challenge tonight! I had a fantastic time presenting my pitch to the dragons, and hope to do this again next year! Tonight was extremely successful so I just wanted to say that without all my supporters out...

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Q&A #1

Why do you like working with the CVCDA so much? Well I get asked this question a lot. As a matter of fact the CVCDA telethon was my first piece of charity work and still to this day, the biggest. I just really like helping people and I believe that children deserve a...

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Progress Update #1

Good morning everyone. This is going to be my new segment where I summarize whats been going on with the website in the past few days. First of all I've made links to (almost) all of the websites of venues/people I've worked with, we've also started talking about...

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BLOG Read about the latest news, events, personal experiences and achievements of Ryks Davies.“I'm looking forward to sharing my music with new audiences.” contact me about your next event

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About Me

Ryks started busking in 2016 and currently holds licences in both Courtenay and Comox. His passion is music. He loves performing whether it be on the street or on a stage.

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